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Originally Posted by NUTHA JASON View Post
this is a good debate and i like the quality of the points. the futre of music is very unclear.

but there are some things that can be changed.

for example did you know that if you got 'signed' recorded and realeased, your royalties would NOT be based on your album sales. not 100%. the artist's percentage is traditionally calculated on only 90% of sales. why? because when all there was, was vinyl, the average truckload of vinyl records - which are quite fragile - would be expected to have 10% cracked or scratched. and so returned after sales. when the change over to CD and other less breakable media occoured, the record companies just conveniently didn't change policy.

Wow. Even the record labels' ways of ripping people off are archaic! I hope they all go down fast like the dinosaurs they are. They've fought every technological change that's ever come out and I hope they keep losing.
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