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Default Re: The Grand Master Buddy Rich

Hopefully this thread in not moving into that "lets utter some blasphemies and provoke the 'faithful' into convulsions of righteous outrage. "Lets knock a big guy and see if it gets people's knickers in a twist", territory.

Just to clarify, Tony Williams is my all time favorite drummer, and Elvin's genius is something I've always marveled at and he's way up there brushing Tony's shoulder on my mantle too.
But I'll be the first to admit, that great as they were, neither of these two guys had the same power as Buddy (for the lack of a better word) to attract "anyone & everyone", the guy- on -the- street to the magic of the drums.

Buddy's playing is also limited in people's minds by his grandstanding solos. You think Buddy , you think drum solo. People forget his all his incredible work with Dorsey, Sinatra, Artie Shaw, Benny Carter, and a whole lot of his sessions, when they talk about his playing.

On the A hole business, no one likes em, but I secretly admire his utter refusal to accept mediocrity. It is the unfortunate side-effect of being a hardcore uncompromising perfectionist who pushed his band often to breaking point ( broke a few horn players in the process too)

So, love him or hate him, appreciate him/or not, or whatever placard you think you need to hang around his neck, he was a defining chapter in the history of drumming, and took it to a whole new level, whether his solos were boring or not or just a bunch of real fast rudiments or whatever..

Walk up to a guy on a street corner and ask him if he's heard of Elvin or Tony? then ask him if he's heard of Buddy Rich.

...and Buddy wasn't a pop star by any stretch of imagination, he wasn't even a Louis Armstrong, or an Ella, or a Frank Sinatra... He was just a drummer.

At best, one can say that this drummer did move the mountain, but I for one, wasn't impressed.

Thats no more than saying what I'm saying. That I prefer listening to Tony more, man, but he didn't do what Buddy did.

nuff said.

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