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The fundamental difference between the Independent model and the Major model is that of salaried staff.
Ultimately the difference between Independent labels and Major labels (and I'm repeating myself importantly) is the fact that the Indie labels have the flexibility to hire freelance staff only when they see fit, potentially saving them money and making it so that the campaign for each record is custom-tailored to that release, on the basis of projected sales and the like. Major labels pay salaried staff all the year around whether they are working or not - there is much less flexibility and ultimately there are holes through which money can leak.
I am salaried, I hire hourly employees and I hire Independant Contractors. The Independant Contractors are far more costly than my employees by a far margin. I use them for liability reasons. I am salaried and whilst I enjoy a tidy salary, I earn it. My favorite saying is this; 'Become self employed and work only half day's. You decide which 12 hours.' I am a salaried boss and I do not punch a clock. I work at least 10 hours each day, sometimes 7 days a week when needed. It is called WIT (whatever it takes)
To generalize that salaried employees don't earn their keep is just wrong. It just isn't my experience in any business I have been involved with. Yes, there are, in some businesses, lazy, unproductive and overly paid salaried employees but, except for the State of California, they do not last unless they earn their keep. It is a business after-all and there should be some bar for performance.
To hang your argument on the salary issue is just weak and needs no repeating. I respect you and your other arguments and agree with many and enjoy this conversation.
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