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Default Re: The Grand Master Buddy Rich

Originally Posted by Citizen Insane View Post
Well whenever I watch a performance of a another great jazz drummer on youtube, theirs always guys who post comments such as "Not as good as Buddy", or "This guy has nothing on Buddy Rich." And I have to say it on my nerves after awhile.
Buddy Rich has such a rabid, and irritating fanbase.

I correct myself,Buddy Rich is NOT overrated overall, but Buddy Rich is overrated among his rabid fanbase.


The words Buddy Rich and overrated can NOT possibly be used in the same sentence...unless...the word NOT is inserted right before the word overrated.

I'm guessing you're under 30 years of age, and probably not even ever heard of Bernard "Buddy" Rich? :-|


Though the answer to your confusion is right in your name.

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