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Default Re: The Grand Master Buddy Rich

Originally Posted by Citizen Insane View Post
[edit] Im also not "slamming" Buddy Rich, nor am I trying to look cool, Im not saying things like "He really sucks"or "All his music is terrible" .Im just saying I don't see the hype with him.
Yeah man, I get that. I was in my argument trying to show both sides of the spectrum, including fanboys and flamers, and how there is very little straight down the middle objectivity about Rich. When you used the word SMOKE, it just kinda opened a door to initiate that discussion. Thanks also for clarifying.

As to stuff you might like, I prefer his Pacific Jazz output from 1966-71. The New One is often overlooked and terrific, and there is much to enjoy from Mercy, Mercy. In the early days, his output from the Artie Shaw band is pretty great for the time, and I have heard some very good combo music from his days with Jazz at the Philharmonic.

When looking for videos I tend to look for his British TV shows. For some reason he always went above and beyond on those things. I don't know why his TV stuff was always better in the UK, but to me it was.

This stuff from the early 70s is very strong.

Still, all the old timers will tell you that they have seen little on a video that captured the live thing or his best audio, and I tend to believe that, although he was also before my time.
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