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Default Re: I have an announcement to make......a little bit of shameless self promotion

Originally Posted by rendezvous_drummer View Post
Here's the deal. Since October, my band, who is only 6 months old, participated in a Battle of the Bands through a company called Supernova. We came 3rd. In December, we played another Battle of the Bands in December and came first. We were awarded a spot in the Vancouver city wide finals where we came second and was awarded a spot in the Western Canada Online vote. People from all over Canada and USA were allowed to vote for who they thought was the best band in Western Canada (through this company of course). We won that vote. Next we were thrown into the National Online Vote. 12 of the top independant bands out of over 2000 other bands were in this vote.

My band, Grand Theft Radio, WON the Canadian National Vote and is now being flown out to Toronto to play NXNE in June!!! For the past 24 hours, i've had no sleep, haven't been able to sleep.

I posted a thread a while ago asking for your votes. A few of you did, I can only remember Nhzoso and MichaelDrums, but to anyone else who voted, I sincerely thank you all! This festival could very well take out band to that next step.

So again, thank you to everyone who voted for us, and to anyone here who is from Toronto, we'll see you at the show.....possibly!
Good job man. Good job indeed.

The best of luck to you at your concert!
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