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Originally Posted by 2bsticks View Post
Hi Pat,

Enjoying H.G&F very much. A quick question. Right now I have only been working with the 5 warm-up exercises and making some progress. Would you suggest mastering those warm-ups prior to moving on or do you think I should only spend a certain amount of time on the warm-ups each time I open the book and then move on? How would you advise working with the book?

Thanks again,


I did a series of excerpts in Modern Drummer (with more to come), on this very subject, that "H,G, & F" in concept was designed to work on all three of these important elements SIMULTANEOUSLY. So, do the hand warm up section, then do some diddle combos in the rudiment section, and do a couple RC grooves, a couple "Essential Ghost Grooves", and start doing a couple "Rhythmic Inspiration" or split 16th fill ideas.

You don't have to "master" each section to move on. Do a couple things at the same tiime to improve your overall game!

Thanks for enjoying "H, G & F"!
Pat Petrillo
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