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Originally Posted by DWfan20005 View Post
That song is insane drum wise because of its groove and its simplicity. I love the whole American Idiot cd.
I actually taught myself to drum with American Idiot.

It's kind of funny, because when I started, I couldn't really hear all of the little things that he was able to do with the songs, and always thought I could play it prefectly.

A month ago, though, I picked the cd up again, to drum to it (I decided to go back to my roots of drumming, as I had taken 2-3 months off from it), and as soon as I put the headphones on, I could actually hear all of what he did. I had only been playing 1/4th of it all right :p I was pretty shocked, actually, realizing how much I had actually sucked back then.

Tre' Cool is actually a pretty good drummer, but to be honest, he's kind of mellowing out with age. Before, he had a lot of energy and power being as young as he was. Now, however, he's stuck w/ half of what he had before. He can still lay down some cool grooves, though. :)
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