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Not to dig in my heels and take a stance, but instead, to offer my perspective as to some people ( read here lot's of people, OK, most people) and business in general;
Originally Posted by jjjonston1;... [I
Some people [/i]however, do not realize the effect piracy has on the music industry.
Firstly, I think most people are good hearted and want to do what is right. When confronted with technology they do not understand in an era where they want everything made simple, and for the most part,they will continue to do what is easy ( and take the path of least resistance) until given credible evidence that it is wrong and harmful. I realize I will take a lot of hits here regarding my perceived naivete but that's OK.

When people don't pay a fair price for their music,
What, kind sir, would you consider a fair price to pay for a CD and how do you substantiate that fair price?
For me, I do not evaluate the price of a CD or DVD as expensive or cheap. If I want the music I pay the price. I do not, for example, shop Best Buy and think to myself that I might be able to save a couple dollars by shopping the Internet or by traveling to another retailer down the road. I have decided I want the music and believe (thru visiting, at sometime. the other retailers) the prices are similar everywhere. If the cost of a CD or DVD is beyond what I am willing to pay, I do not think it is too expensive, rather, that it costs more than I can afford at this time. The responsibility to buy or not is all mine. I do not place blame with the 'greedy business'. Believe me, if there was something I really wanted to have, I would afford it. Just look at how may DW's are sold or Mercedes auto's or pay attention to how many people by dinner at Ruth Crisp who won't go to Mc Donalds.

Granted, CD's are priced at an unreasonable amount
What do you consider reasonable? No offence meant here but when I hear this statement in my line of work it usually is a way of saying " I can't afford this at these prices". Instead of taking personal responsibility for the possible embarrassment of not being able to afford something, one turns the semantics of the situation to infer it is the Sellers fault one can't afford something by inferring that the something is too expensive even though a great many others are buying the something at the current prices.
This is just a different perspective and not meant to viewed as attacking.
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