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Default Provoke Change

This thread was posted in response to the frequency of music being pirated today. Almost everyone in the United States knows someone who illegally downloads music. Some people however, do not realize the effect piracy has on the music industry. Free distribution of music can ultimately hinder the production of music. When people don't pay a fair price for their music, the bands don't get a sufficient profit from their investment. Musicians not getting paid results in failure to continue making CD's, or touring. Granted, CD's are priced at an unreasonable amount, but with the new technology available; a decent compromise can be reached for both parties. Pay sites such as iTunes or Rhapsody are readily available to the general public, but their use is limited. In summary, the belief is if people use pay sites as their primary medium, the music industry and musicians won't lose money and can keep making music. I leave this topic open for response in some form.
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