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Originally Posted by metal overlord View Post
So what makes the drummer now is how good you are? I always thought it was "if you suck at drumming, but your having a good time, your good". At least it was in my mind.

So what if Lars isn't the best? He still does what he's supposed to. He keeps time, he keeps the music going. Sure theres people who are better, but he has a hella lot of stage presence. Metallica isn't Metallica without Lars.

And, another thing. To anybody who bashed him.

Do you know how childish it is to bash a fellow drummer? You don't just walk up to a guy who is having a hard time doing simple stuff and say "you suck" you say "keep trying, you'll get it". It's like jazz drummers bashing metal drummers, it's stupid. We're all drummers, we all have differant styles and techniques. It doesn't matter what kind of kit you play, or how fast you can go on your bass drums. It's about having a good time. Having fun. That's what music was supposed to be about.

I'de put more to back up my statement, but I can't exactly think straight right now.
Lars keeps the music going, okay, that's fine. I'm glad he has fun too. But when we talk about his actual level of talent and musicality it doesnt go very far. He's just not very good, it's very simple. He can't keep up with most metal drummers today, and that's his forte. He can't play any other style of music either. He's just very one dimensional. That's why i'm not a big fan of him
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