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Originally Posted by B.C. View Post
Alright. Lars. Hate him. he reminds me of the drummer who dosen't care about rudiments TECHNIQUE, or staying in the pocket. Lars is horrible. I watched alot of Metallica live and he struggles to hold some sort of tempo. Lars is just one of those drummers that just bangs on drums and dosen't play on them. Lars plays the same old beat, the same old fill and he's about as amusing as watching paint dry. Lars rides on the coat tails of metallica and James Hetfield. in the end lars is one of those drummers undeserving of his title of being a good drummer. Just because he's in a successfull band dosen't make him good.
Lars is a drummer that has one hell of a good time on stage, thats what drumming is about. Sure he won't win a rudiment award, but that, in no way at all, makes him a bad drummer.

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