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i have a buddy who was the tour manager for the go-gos. they were in the studio and apparently metallica was too. they got to talking to the engineer. he said that lars' parts (this was back in the 90s) were all spliced up . . . they had to really splice up the tape to make the parts good. and not just spliced a little bit. A LOT!
i'm not in the habit of bashing drummers but . . . i really can't stand his playing and he seems to be an angry little man. i saw that dvd for st. anger and he was sloppy and he looked like he was having a real hard time with the songs. when i was a kid everybody went nuts for that double bass part in the song 'one.' i've heard lars try it live -- he couldn't get it. ah, the magic of the studio.
he's a drummer. and he's been successful at it. but it blows my mind when i hear people say he's one of the greats when there are guys like Peter Wildoer (Darkane) around.
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