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Default Re: The Mars Volta - Bedlam In Goliath

Bedlam was awesome. It's completely new. Not sure whether the story about the oujia board and the soothsayer's true or not, but this album is probably their noisiest; really love the intensity, and again, they've gone through a whole new style. Kinda reminds me of At the Drive in actually...

Theodore's playing represents Mars Volta, at least to me. The Mars Volta has changed a lot since Tremulant, and honestly I find that the band will never be the same again since Theodore left. Not saying they are bad now(well, Amputechture was dissapointing).

Phridgen has AMAZING chops, really funky as well, however too much complexity, less consistent grooves(therefore harder for air drumming). Theodore's stuff are much more musical, really original as well. Sure he might not have Phridgen's chops but he really gives me the 'Mars Volta' sound, that no longer exists.

So in the end, I still prefer Theodore.
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