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Default Re: Neil Peart

As much as I dig NP, and I thought he was so awesome when I was a kid (he's still awesome), but has anyone else noticed in the big 2 page ad for the new DW 23" bass drum, Neil states that for the last 33 years he's played a 22" bass drum?

Back when he was with Tama his kicks were 24's, and he was with Tama for a long time, so what's up with that?

Even in his written Tour Program spots he had his kicks listed as 24's.

He say's that he liked the sound of 24's, but they didn't work for him, and he stayed with 22's.

I don't think I'm being a nit-picker, or an a-hole for pointing this out......

Anyone else have a thought on this?

Here's a link to the DW site NP article

I just find this really curious....
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