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Yes, Bill kicks butt, the stuff he did on the Paranoid album is some of the best rock drumming I've ever heard ... definately one of my favorites and an influence in my younger years.

I have a DVD with old BS footage when the band was young and hungry. It shows Bill nailing his bass drum to the stage before the show, and I'm sure he needed it. What an animal, he pummeled both his drums and my young innocent mind.

You know his early kits were straight out Buddy, Slingerland 5 piece with big bass drum and two floor toms. I read an interview where he said when he was coming up he 'wanted to be Buddy Rich'. You can tell Bill worked hard on his fundamentals, he knows his rudiments.

Bill is still doing good, I've seen footage of the last Sabbath tour and he still kicks butt.
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