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Default Re: What made you want to play drums more than anything?

this question is one i am always willing to answer, i guess it all started for me when i was two, my dad was in a band and the drummer would keep his kit at our house in the basement, i can remember geting up on the stool( dont know how i did it, it was bigger thatn i was) then i would grab the sticks and just start banging. i could fall asleep in the same room while the band was practicing.

then my drumming went into hideing untill about grade 5 when i was inspired once more, my uncle was the greatest drummer i knew( well the only drummer i knew) and i wanted to be just like him. so i bought an old kit from the local school, i think it was an old "Torq" set that i got for like $200.00 all the money i had saved for like 2 years. then i formed my first band with my two best friends. since then i have been in many different bands but my one best friend (the bass player) was in them all. Now i am in one called Rosemary's Baby you can check out the low budget recording on

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