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Default Re: Remo Vintage A's

Originally Posted by Skitch View Post
Thanks! While we are talking heads, and this is a bit off the subject, but I recall hearing Bob Gatzen talkig about how a thinner head is actually less resonant. Has anyone else noticed this?

Yeah, I found that on my drums too.
Not only less resonant, but a quicker sound--which is different than "less resonant".

They were drier sounding for me too, which can be good at times.

I pretty much stick to Coated Amb. top, Clear Amb. bottom.

They just work for everything I do, sound great, and they tune up easy.

I'd try the vintage A's on my kit if they had an 18" size readily available.*
I could probably order one, but then I'd have to wait... and who wants to do that!?!

* see how I got the post back on the thread topic?...pretty slick huh!

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