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Originally Posted by slingerland755 View Post
Hye Matt,
Larry Mullen is a great drummer, but come on bro. Go to YouTube if you want to bash Peart. Larry Mullen DOES NOT put Peart to shame. I don't care who's opinion it is. Peart is a true innovator and should be respected as such.
ha ha! i wasn't bashing Peart's drumming abilities. I paraphrase myself: "Mullen is so very self-effacing (meaning he verbalizes his belief that he is not that good) and therefore puts Peart to shame. (Peart also is self-effacing and has continually put himself under the likes of Stewart Copeland). What I meant is that Mullen is so much more self-effacing that he puts Peart's self-effacing to shame. it's sort of a joke. I've seen Rush every tour since 1988 and I'm well aware of how good Peart is. i wasn't commenting on technique or innovation or reputation or ability . . . i was merely pointing out that Mullen is SUPER humble. thanks though.
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