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Default Re: What made you want to play drums more than anything?

Wow yah this question caught my eye pretty fast.

What got me playing? Gosh, when i was younger i would bang on stuff like no other.

I'd just go around hitting quaker oats boxes, hitting tables, hitting books with my pencils, pots, pans, whatever... I am not from a rich family or even remotely financially stable family so i wasn't about to ask for drums... but after years of this behavior, i finally just kinda mentioned how much i'd want drums. And i went on and on about it. One christmas, it finally came true. I guess they really hated my stealing the oatmeal container and the mash potato pot.

... the joke was on them though, our house is small and when i started, i obviously just sounded annoying behind the kit. They were always telling me to stop drumming. Then i did drumline, drum corps, years of kit experience from jazz band and whatnot... now they like it when i play.

We're all happy again.... well... i am anyway, it's probably still banging to them -_-;;

SUCKERS!! muwahaha

but yah to answer the thread question, i guess i just had this thing inside of me that made me want to be destructive and hit stuff... but yet i wanted to destroy things in perfect time... i'm like the crazed super villain with OCD.
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