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Default Re: as the decade comes to a close. so do tapes

Originally Posted by lewisn27 View Post
i have seen some modern bands selling 6" vinly, (with the 2 sides as well) i think that they are trying to be cool because it is mainly indie bands
kind of. it's not so much as a "let's be cool" thing more than it just is a cool thing. vinyl is not pirate-able for the most part - i did see an article about making some kind of silicone copy - but it looked like a bad and poor quality way to make a copy. vinyl keeps music as art rather than 1's and 0's on your harddrive just waiting to be sent off to various file uploading sites or p2p networks (i.e. soulseek). vinyl also produces a better quality sound. cd's are obsolete imo. my band plans on releasing a 7" in the next year which i'm sure would be available on itunes digitally. but cd's are boring, they don't have large cover art or 180 grams of high quality tunes. vinyl is the way to go, more specifically vinyl w/digital downloads included. because although i do LOVE my vinyl, i like to listen to music in my car other than the radio.

tapes are not coming to a close either. my friend's band is releasing 5 songs on cassette for the belgian label they are signed too.

Vinyl is DEFINITELY back though. with vengeance.
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