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Default Re: Show Off Your DW Kit

Originally Posted by rmandelbaum View Post
I love the small kit, it would be great for gigs with limited stage space. I am sure they sound huge as with all DW kits.
...Thanks rmandelbaum.

At least I think thanks are in order as I am assuming that you are reffering to this bop kit. If not, please excuse my arrogance.

These drums do sound huge. I picked up one of those Gibralter bass drum lifts, and it does makes a difference. I am able to set my pedal to where it feels comfortable, and have the beater hit in the sweet spot. I don't know if the VLT really makes a difference, but this 18 does sound bigger than what I expected.

This kit has roughly the same footprint as my 22, 16, 13. One of the drawbacks to the flush based hardware is that you have to extend the legs full out. With regular hardware you can spread the legs as wide, or narrow as you need to save a little space. Placing the stands to where the legs are not overlapping each other while keeping everything at proper arms reach will take a little more adjustment.

All in all, I am very impressed with the sound of this little beast. I switched heads on the toms, using the stock batter heads for resos, a coated EC-1 on the 12, and an EC reverse dot snare head on the floor tom. More boom than boink with this combo.

I think that I am getting used to the Zildjians as well. They are starting to sound like they belong on this kit.

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