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Default Re: as the decade comes to a close. so do tapes

Originally Posted by GRUNTERSDAD View Post
Dusty? cough cough. For my 16th birthday, 1964, my mom bought me a Magnavox, transistor radio. AM only, no FM. This little beast was 30.00. Lots of cash back in the day. I was as they say, First on my block, to own one. I took that thing everywhere. Even got caught in 10th grade band with it on my music stand at low, but not low enough, volume back in the percussion section. Had to give it to the teacher but got it back at the end of class. So being the wise, ha ha , kid I took a book and hollowed out the inside to fit the radio in to it.... got caught with that too. Ah yes Technology. I loved albums. There was something about the size of the cover and the liner notes that were just cool. But now, its my iTunes, computer, GarageBand, etc. And I don't want to go back.
well theres nothing better to do back in the percussion section...

I could put some music on an iPod and choose the song then I'm content. But if 10 minutes later i hear the song on the radio I get a great feeling because its random chance that the song I love is now playing and out of all those songs that one that I love is chosen

Idk its some weird feeling i get when a great song comes on the radio.
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