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Default Re: A warning to potential drummers

Originally Posted by OceanDirt View Post
i'm definitely guilty of this, though i've been actively working to undo it.

it's the progression you go through: when you first start out listening to music before you play drums, you just sort of hear everything and take it in without analyzing it.

as you play drums more and more you begin to analyze the drum part - you focus in and hear nothing else.

in order to broaden yourself musically, the next step is to open your ears - hear the drums within the CONTEXT of the music. by listening to the bass/piano/guitar/saxophone/whatever player more, you can figure out WHY the drummer does the cool stuff he does instead of just HOW or when he does it.
Dude, I'm trying to undo the same thing. I listen to the drums and not why the drums are in the music. I totally skip it all. It's odd.
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