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Default Re: as the decade comes to a close. so do tapes

To me, tape has always been just the portable, cheaper, more convienent way to have music "on the go". Hard to put a turntable in a car, or take it to the beach. I never liked listening to tapes at home. Tape hiss, always having to RW/FF to get to the song you want to hear. With the LP, simple drop the needle in the groove. Tapes started to dissapear in the 80's, so 30 years to make an exit. They had more than they're 15 minutes Andy Warhol promised. The music industry is run by the manufactures and distributors. And those people want to deal with 1 or 2 formats. Not 4, 5, or 6. I have a couple hundred LP's, down from 2K. Now I have around 2K CD's. Downloading is killing off the music industry, at least the retail end of it. 100's of record shops have closed in the LA area. To be replaced by none. Your chances of finding something (obscure) on eBay are better than hitting the stores, and it comes to you. The Ipod makes the car CD changer obsolete, so another portable music format is being replaced now. Change is the only constant.
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