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Default Re: Meg White.....wonder drummer??

Originally Posted by ZildjianMan1023 View Post
i think meg is a pretty good drummer.. easy on the eyes too
yes! ha. i think of the white stripes more as a band than i do as two artists IN a band. their music has a very relatable feel to it, in the fact that it doesn't (or isn't) sound hard to play. it has very much the sound of "the band next door that plays and records in the basement on a 4-track" it's this very, homegrown honest feel to me. there's nothing flashy about it. it's simple, fun, and original. if meg isn't the best drummer then what does it matter? i don't think she's trying to be in any way, nor do i think she wants to be any sort of drum pioneer. she's just doing what she wants and is having fun with it.
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