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Originally Posted by jesusfetusis6 View Post
i was really surprised to see that there are/were 27 pages on this. he's a talented drummer no doubt, but it seems a lot of the people that say "he's the best drummer ever" are people that have never even picked up a pair of sticks or haven't been playing long enough to know other drummers [of the past or present] to compare him to. that aside, he's good but it's mostly just hype, recently he's seemed to have done drum remixes for hip-hop songs (i.e. soulja boy, pharrell williams) and it's very apparent that mostly all of the rap/hip-hop community (with the exception of ?uestlove) does not drum, (i don't know anyone who considers loops or drum machines drumming) though i'm not saying that may or may not be changing.

bottom line, it's all hype from people that don't know anything about drumming. is he talented? yes. is he the best? probably not. is he the fastest? no (look up gabe serbian - though he's probably not the fastest either). it's all just b/s imo, and i'm tired of hearing about the guy.

Why are you surprised there are so many comments? He's the drummer in one of the biggest bands in the world nad he has a brash, instantly gratifying style of playing. Nothing more, nothing less. Barker and what he does has nothing to do with the hype he attracts.
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