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Default Re: Remo Vintage A's

Originally Posted by ludwigvondrumcrazy View Post
Remo is expanding the Vintage A line to include a 10”, 12”, 13” & 16” to go along with the 14” (Batter) that they started offering last year. The Vintage A’s are a 2-ply (7.5 – 3 mil) coated Ambassador similar to Remo’s first plastic head so is basically a reproduction that, in my humble opinion, is a nice cross between a 1-ply (10 mil) Ambassador and their 2-ply coated Emperor (7 – 7mil.)LVDC
Thanks for the information! What head would you suggest using on the resonant side when applying the Vintage A's on the batter side of Toms? I'm currently running Coated Emperors over Coated Ambassadors.

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