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I used to listen to blink all the time, and mainly listened to the same song over and over again because of travis' drumming. He really adds a lot to blinks music. To me, its just basically a drum song with some appealing power chords and bass and voice(I don't find tom's voice annoying, although i do like marks singing even more). But I thought he was "supergood" before I had even really heard of bonham, peart, or portnoy. But his style is hard to imitate(for me anyways).

even though this thread is about just travis barker, doesn't anyone think blink could have been "more punk"/better if they had stuck with Scott Raynor? I really liked his style, playing d-beats and have having really simple, but smooth fills. They way blink played songs with him were better imo. Not so much pop punk. I think they way he played(please correct me if I'm wrong) is called crustpunk. Simple, but appealing to me.
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