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Default Re: Travis Barker

Well i have been playing drums for quite some time (years) and maybe it is because i am 16 or what, but i find travis very talented, he is my favourite drummer and will always be..

i know he sometimes gets boring because in his solos he usually does the same thing but i like it, he doesn´t have a great set and with what he has, he does lots of cool things!

maybe my opinion is not so valid as some of you here, obviously lots of you know more than me about drums, techniques and stuff and from your point of view travis is really bad but just respect people who think he is the best or simply like it a lot(like me).

Besides Travis being my favourite drummer, i know he is not the best.. that's known by everybody, there is LOTS and LOTS of drummers out there more talented than him, we all know it.
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