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Default Re: just saw ozzy osbourne!

Originally Posted by SmoothJazz View Post
No it means he has a wireless mic on him.
No. Sorry. it's true. Ozzy uses backup tapes for vocals. He's been doing it since 1996 or so. I have seen this on bootlegs like razor has and I have seen it in person as well. I also have a friend that toured with him on Ozzy's road crew. He confirmed it. I even have a few board recordings and very clear to hear this because he isn't in synch with the backing track. Sad but true BUT.... he isn't the only one that does it. He is just one of the few that can get away with it. I have been a major fan of his music since 1981 but after seeing this, it was a big let down. I think some people think it's funny but I don't.
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