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Default Re: Peter Criss

I was at Tiger Stadium too.

We had 8th really lucky in the ticket lottery line.

Dynasty was my first concert.
The show I saw was a few days after the one that's in the DVD set.

I got screwed out of a Love Gun show. I was pretty bummed.

My friend and his wife are in the S.IO.L. video from Tiger Stadium.

They show them 2 times and they are dressed as Ace in the Destroyer outfit.

His wife is shown in a little side box too.

It's still fun putting on ALIVE! and jamming along to it.

Once in a while at rehearsal, we'll bust into one (or more) kiss song or another.

The Tiger Stadium show on the DVD set is pretty bad, but it was cool as hell when we were there.

On Deuce, they totally blow coming back into the song after the the break (where he screams)'s pretty bad.

Oh well, that's rock & roll.

It's not like they were getting the big bucks and should have gotten it right or anything :-P!!!

The concert a few months later that's from the same tour onthe DVD is way better.
The Millenium show is real good too.
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