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Default A warning to potential drummers

to all potential drummers:

Being a drummer may compromise your ability to concentrate on non-percussive parts of any artistic act if there happens to be drummer(s) and/or a percussionist(s) present at the spectacle.

Pour example: Yesterday I watched the Cirque de Soleil presentation of Alegrķa. It was very fun, and a very beatiful act (although I must say the trapeze artists were quite weak). Problem is, there was a full band playing in the back, including a Canadian drummer with a big drumset, the make of which I could not distinguish due to the distance at which it was from my seat.

Anyway, I have to admit that I missed one or two important parts of certain performances because I was too busy watching the drummer in the background, and trying to understand why he'd alternate between lifting his leg for a bassdrum hit, and sometimes seeming to play completely heel down, in a single groove. It was really kinda weird.

So does anyone else find it hard to concentrate on other things in a performance if there's a drummer present (like at a rock show, I sometimes concentrate more on the drums than the guitar or vocals or anything).
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