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Default Re: Finger saver for sticky Stands

Originally Posted by Les Ismore View Post
This may or may not have already been covered.

Here's an old trick for stands that may be a bit 'sticky' when tightened due to the ferrous (pot metal) compressing onto steel and/or the washer bending on a unflat surface. Simple fix... 'fiber washers'. These can be had at local hardware stores. Fiber washers placed 'underneath the stock metal washer' will prevent the pot metal wing nuts from sticking.
Great idea. I have seen those fiber washers on things and wondered what they were for. I have some things that stick and I think i will get some fiber washers now and try it out.

You are right that lubricating something doesn't always make it easier to loosen. Sometimes, the lube lets you get things really, really tight to where you can't loosen by hand. Strange but true.

I've always wondered by stand parts are made out of low-grade pot metal. Maybe to save costs. But I'd be willing to pay more for stands that were made of high-grade and lighter steel.
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