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Default Re: Any other passions besides drums?

Hmmmm, Passions? LOL what is the character count for posts here?
  1. Skiing
  2. Rollercoasters (Amusement Parks in General)
  3. Photography
  4. Rollercoaster Tycoon and No Limits Coasters (games)
  5. My Mobile 24 track Digital Recording Company (Rocky Mountain Remote)
  6. Driving
I have many more interests but I would list the above as passions and the others as hobbies. Oh and combining them is also fun. Like, Driving to hit 6 major parks in 8 days to take pictures of coasters and ride them while doing recordings for a game that I am the Audio Designer for. Hmmmm the call of coasters is beating in my head again. HEHE!

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