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Default Re: Any other passions besides drums?

Originally Posted by jay norem View Post
I love to cook. I make great Cajun and Creole food, gumbo, jambalaya, ettoufe, my shrimp creole is killer, I make a brilliant Texas chili with diced sirloin (no beans, that's not real chili) and I make my own barbeque sauce and I smoke ribs, briskets and chickens. I've been getting into Italian food lately and I got up a really good recipe for baked zitti with bolognese meat sauce. I've got several recipes I made up for soup; my creamed curry beef soup will take the chill off in sub-zero temperatures. I have yet to master fried chicken however. And I can't bake worth a damn.
I'm starving now, having read that. I'll have a bit of each, thanks.
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