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Default Finger saver for sticky Stands

This may or may not have already been covered.

Here's an old trick for stands that may be a bit 'sticky' when tightened due to the ferrous (pot metal) compressing onto steel and/or the washer bending on a unflat surface. Simple fix... 'fiber washers'. These can be had at local hardware stores. Fiber washers placed 'underneath the stock metal washer' will prevent the pot metal wing nuts from sticking.

A particularly nasty example of sticking stand tilters is the Sonor 1000 series stands (pictured below). The composition of the pot metal to steel on the Sonor 1000's make a vice like 'stick' when even moderate pressure is applied to them. Really hard on your fingers to open when this happens. Lubeing makes it worse, b/c you get a tighter grip.

With the fiber washer down first, you can do away with having to use two drumsticks as 'leverage pliers' to open tilters etc. Take your stock metal washer to the store for sizeing, you don't even want to try a 'cut down' a fiber washer, its not an option.

Works on ANY make/model of stand you have a sticking problem with.
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