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Originally Posted by Bojangleman View Post
you have any pics of your plane? or do you own one? and what can you fly?
Unfortunately, I don't own a plane.. although I would love to. They are just to damn expensive. Also the annual inspections (mandatory) can run you over a few grand easily. Don't make me even mention the price of 100LL or Jet Fuel. I just rent a plane when I want to fly, and I usually fly because a few of my buds wanna take a trip or do some sightseeing.

I'm instrument and multi-engine rated. The aircraft that I like to fly are the Cessna 172 SP, Cessna 414, Piper Seminole and the Lear 45. I usually only fly the C-172 because they are easy to get when you want one and fuel is really expensive and you don't break the bank in a 172.. Every now and then I get a request to accompany a fellow pilot with a Lear Jet flight, and thats always fun.

Originally Posted by aydee View Post
son of gun, Cory, I had no idea! i knew about the golf, but flying is something else. I wish I'd learnt...I've jumped out of planes though.........when & how did that happen?
Ya, I'm full of little surprises. Been around the block a few times. I started building aircraft for Piper a number of years ago, and through them I recieved my Private Pilot, Instrument Rating, Tail Dragger Certificate and eventually my Multi-engine rating. Then, I went to work for the Federal Aviation Administration as an inspector for Piper Aircraft becuase I was so familiar with them.

Amongst this I started my own painting business which is doing fairly well, but the construction trade is so bad right now that I went to work for a local FBO (Fixed Base Operator) working on aircraft. Aviation has always been in my blood.
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