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Default Re: hobbies?

music, in all its shapes and forms...i buy it, download it, listen to it, show it to others, absorb myself in it.

computers (i work as an IT consultant, so i'm constantly reading up on all the latest emerging technologies, and breakthroughs in existing platforms. I also build PCs, and do networking/repair)

gaming - anything from Soul Caliber 2 to Crash Bandicoot to Crysis or MechWarrior II.

my car - i try to keep it looking nice, and performing in a similar way, so i spend a fair amount of time washing, detailing, and performing maintenance on it..

art/graphic design/photoshop - i worked as a graphic designer for 2 years, and it sucked the creative juice out of me....i'm just now getting back to where i'm making things on my own, for fun..
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