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Default Axis Pedal.... revealed

Here's some pics of an Axis main shaft, what Axis refers to as the 'Axle Rod', Setting and adjustment sheet-

First thing you notice in Pic#1 is, this shaft is not the complete 3/8" monster hex piece the protruding end of an assembled Axis pedal might suggest. The hex piece is just a nut screwed onto a 1/4" round shaft. Complete shaft is around 3.25" end to end.

Another key thing that becomes evident is the (1.25") flat section of the shaft, where which the set screws of the 'Number One' piece secure to it. the set screw 'indents' on the flat section are the factory set positions.

You can see in pic# 2 these set screws were 'messed with. The shaft was rotated a mere 4mm thereby taking the set screw contact points 'off' the flat section and here also is where forum-member a58Chevy and others have encountered problems with the 'number-one' (and beater) slipping on the shaft.

Axis clearly states on their 'adjustment sheet' not to touch these 2 set screws. So yeah, it doesn't take much and you're into 'round-shaft-slippage' land. Refer to adjustment sheet for 'beater angle adjustment'. Don't turn these set screws thinking you're 'safely' affecting beater angle, its not the way, read the adjustment sheet in its entirety. Things aren't as obvious on these pedals as they seem, like the axle rod not being a complete hex.
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