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I completely agree with whoever started this post. I just saw U2 on the vertigo tour last night in Tampa, and I must say I have always been a fan of Larry Mullen, but last night he just blew me away. I mean I agree with people that say he isn't the best, but he(and the rest of the band) is the the least selfish guy I have ever seen. He doesn't care if he gets recognized and that takes a lot in my opinion, especially in a band like U2. He has some fabulous beats, but I find on recordings his drums are turned down low, and someone said its because they want it to be more poppy, but I mean come on, its U2. He is just an unselfish guy, and he is just trying to carry the song the way it should. Him and adam connect so well in the rhythym. The show was absolutely incredible and I suggest that ya'll go see them if you get a chance ever. Mullen's kit is amazing. It's a yamaha, and he has paiste, I think heavy signatures, not sure though, and they sound incredible. He turns his snare mic down low, he does lots of rolls on his snare using just snare, and its turned down so low that its tough to hear, Its like he doesn't want to be heard. But that's enough, anyways, he is a great drummer with a unique style, and he has motivated greatly through his one performance.
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