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Default pros and cons of hitch hiking.

Anyone else know this concept album by Roger Waters. I think it's a masterpiece that gets not near enough credit as it deserves. It was Roger Waters first solo project released in 1984. It was actually supposed to be a Floyd album but when Roger came to the band with demos for this album and the Wall, the band decided to make the Wall. After the release of the Final cut, which turned out to be Roger's final Floyd album, he embarked upon his first solo album. Featuring Eric Clapton on guitar, some great drumming by Ray Cooper and Andy Newmark, and David Sanborn on Sax (as well as contripbutions from a handful of other musicians) this album is a true gem, that is strangely over-looked by many pink floyd fans. If you're a Floyd fan, or just a fan of great music, i suggest you check this album out immediately, it's worth your time.
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