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Default Bill Stewart's Snare & Setup

I posted a previous thread asking about Bill's snare, but I just found some additional information about his entire kit. I thought he was using a hammered Ludwig 14x6.5 Bronze snare with tube lugs (based on photos taken from Drummer), but he apparently is using or is also using the same Ludwig model in Brass.

For those interested in Bill's equipment (given the lack of information available on him via the Web), I found the following discussion of Bill's gear from an interview with Ken Micallef entitled "Bill Stewart: EnRoute to Evolution" in Modern Drummer (Aug. 2004, p. 38-44, 46-48, 50). I believe all of the references below to "Zildjian prototypes" may have been the attempts at getting his K Custom Complex Ride into being (which has now been discontinued):

The equipment in Bill's Brooklyn practice room:
  • Gretsch four-piece: two old round-badge toms (812, 1414)
  • a wooden 514 snare
  • an odd-shaped Gretsch bass drum (10x22); Bill's comments: ''It's a custom-made 1022...I'm able to play it without any blankets or muffling in it, except for a couple of felt strips. It's less boomy than a 22 of normal depth. It's more compact and it responds very quickly. I haven't used it on gigs yet, but I'm waiting for the right opportunity to do so.''
  • two 22 Zildjian prototypes and a 14 pair of hi-hats (New Beat on bottom and old K on top)

Bill's general setup:

Drums: Gretsch in purple stain finish
  • 614 Ludwig hammered brass snare (with tube lugs)*
  • 812 tom
  • 1414 floor tom
  • 1616 floor tom
  • 1418 bass drum

*Note: The photos of Bill Stewart usually show a golden hammered snare with tube lugs, which would suggest the Ludwig Bronze hammered snare. The MD article states that the snare is brass, but I believe Ludwig's brass hammered snares only come in either the Black Beauty finish or Chrome over Brass finish. I'm not a 100% sure about this, but I haven't seen a modern Ludwig supraphonic brass snare in gold finish--that's usually the bronze shell.

Cymbals: Zildjian
  • 14 hi-hats (Oriental Trash Hat Top on bottom, old K on top)
  • 22 K Zildjian Jazz ride (1980s-era)
  • 22 Zildjian prototype
  • 22 prototype

Alternate Cymbals: 22 K Constantinople, older 18 and 22 Ks (thin and with big cracks), 8 and 10 Oriental Trash splashes.

Heads: Remo coated Ambassadors on snare, bass drum, and tom batters, clear Diplomats on bottom of toms.

Hope this is useful to any other Bill Stewart fans!
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