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Default Re: John Favicchia here

thanks John,

You know, when I first saw your grid, it took me back to HS trig and combinations. So the total number of combinations possible from the grid in 4/4 time would be 2 to the 16th power , if I am correct, 0's and I's, if each 16th note is on or off. If you take just the rhythmic ideas created by the potential of the grid, you can multiple that by accented v unaccented notes and the number of drums you have, which should begin to give you a good idea of the number of possibilities the grid creates.

2 to the 16th power X ( 2 ) X the number of drums you have to that power. (if you have 6 drums it is 6 to the 6th power, add cymbals the number could easily be 15-20.)

then on to thirty second notes . :)

and then onto poly-rhythm . . .

The drums are so easy to play. Once you get four part independence, you add the musicality of dynamics and the drums or cymbals you are on and you see quickly that it goes far beyond your four limbs and the potential becomes quite staggering.
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