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Default Stanley Jordan...WOW!

I just saw Stanley Jordan Wednesday night at the Rams Head in Annapolis, and witnessed pure genius!

This guy is amazing, ladies and gentlemen. I mean, I knew this guy was a brilliant guitarist, since the early 80's, when I first heard of him. And back then they called him a prodigy and an innovator of guitar style and technique. But NEVER realized how much of an accomplished pianist he was!

Well...I knew he began his musical life with the piano, but to actually see him live playing it AND the guitar...AT THE SAME TIME, yes...I said that! He plays the guitar and the piano simultaneously, playing the guitar with his left hand, the piano with his right. And vice-versa! AND...the parts he's playing are NOT just simple patterns either. I mean this guy just runs up and down both instruments like he's possessed! And at one point, while playing a guitar piece, he, actually, played with his chin. HIS CHIN! You just HAVE to see it to believe it, folks! Man, my jaw hurt when it slammed to the ground!

This was truely an inspiring performance, and it was capped off by SJ meeting and greeting the audience members at the end of the show. I got one of his new CDs, "Thirteen Suite Improvisations", and he graciously signed it as I told him that he brought tears to my eyes, and have been wanting to see him perform live for 25 years!

Even though there was no drums in this performance, it STILL stands out as one of the most incredible musical experiences I've ever seen and heard. Possibly THE most incredible!

I highly recommend any and all of you to see for yourself, what a brilliant musician Stanley Jordan really is...WOW! INDEED!! ;-)
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