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Originally Posted by Drummer95
I am very surprised to see people bashing Travis. I got to see him play live with the Transplants at Warped and it was amazing. He plays open handed on a lot of stuff, which i think is sick. He also has a lot of awesome beats with lots of bass drum. He may not be the most flashy drummer and his beats arent to difficult, but you have to appreciate what he's doing. I think on the newest Blink album he has really branched out using electronic drums, more cowbell and wood blocks, etc. I do like Blink and Boxcar. I would NEVER call Travis the best drummer in the world, however he is one of my favorites.
I'm with Drummer95... i too was amazed by him and I still am to an extent.. He is amazing and his skills on a snare are amazing... but sometimes his style can get repetitive i wish i could hear him in a different genre!
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