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I grew up listening to TOP. When I was young I refused to listen to anything that was popular with kids my age. My dad bought me a CD player, and a TOP CD when I was 11, which was the same Christmas that he passed away. I listened to this CD over and over (along with some Weird Al, too), and even though I'm as white as white can be, I feel like I have an internal groove going on when I listen to their music.

I missed a chance at seeing him at a clinic because I injured my hand at a drumline competition. What a wonderful thing the internet has become though - I can find tons and tons of video to digest any time I want.

Dave has been in my top 3 drummers since before I had a top 3. Really, he helped define a sound that has since influenced tons of different music in some way shape or form. I find his "apathy" confusing, but I think he's just in his own world when he's playing. He expresses himself with his music rather than his emotions. Kinda like an android, but with more mojo...

EDIT: I just re-watched the "Page One" clip on his DW page, and I recommend everyone check it out if you've never seen it. Never over-plays; all his hits match with either a horn hit or a bass hit, etc.
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