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Default Re: Best Double Bass Drum Pedal

Here's the many popular answers that you will find to this question.

Iron Cobra, DW 5000 or 9000, Pearl Eliminator, Yamaha Flying Dragon, Axis longboards.

The problem is what works for me will not necessarily work for you. You should really try to get your feet on as many pedals as you can. The one thing I think many guys make a mistake on is skimping on a good quality pedal. It's probably the most used and abused piece of equipment on your kit and can have an effect on how you sound. I'd much rather save up for a good pedal than buy a cheap one and keep replacing it.

I personally have owned the 5000 double pedal and currently a 9000 single. The 9000 is unbelievably smooth and has a million adjustments to really customize the feel. I've tried the IC's and they weren't for me, good pedal just didn't fit my playing style. Played on an Axis a few weeks ago just a little bit, expensive but smooth, takes a little getting used to. no one around me has the Yamaha flying dragon's, I'd love to try a set though.

Good luck on your quest to find your perfect pedal!
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