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practice the song slowly. like 20 b/min slower with a metronome. in terms of structure this is a simpler zep song with nearly the same groove throughout. play the basic groove 20 b/min for five minutes. stop have a short break. then increase the speed 10 b/min and play it for about three minutes. break and then play the song at the groove tempo.

are you bringing your left hand up for the extra hihat accent? or are you trying to do a double with the right? i bring my left up as i find this swings my body around and helps feel the groove - also the hihat offers no rebound (splashy sound for the song so no bounce) and therefore its much too hard to try play the figure with the right hand alone.

my current everest is the cover as close as possible without effects or overdubs: Bonzo's montreaux. i'm taking it a section at a time. i listen to the section 10 times with my eyes shut, then i start slowly breaking it apart and emulating it on my kit at much slower tempos. even that fill at the start of the song is awesomely hard. i used to think it was just single strokes from snare and then down the toms. but bonzo was in showoff mode that day i'm telling you! listen to it now if you have it. 3 strokes on the snare, then he reverses sticking over two toms and ends in a parraddidle structure. but all the time the bass drum is pumping the sixteenths beneath far as i can tell it goes like this:


Or near enough.
then the first groove which must [MUST] have those ghost notes. this part isn't so hard. then the first stop.
then next the part which nearly kills me. extraordinary bass drum work. not only is it a continuous stream undeneath some lovely time signature snare and cymbal work but the dynamics are brilliant. his bass drum volume looms around the groove. this is where i am in the solo now.
when i can do the whole thing i'm going to do it at gigs whenever a guitar string breaks.


ps: does anyone have any TAB for this monster?
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