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Default Tim Alexander live performance and commentary DVD

Tim Alexander live performance and commentary...

This dvd is very cool for Primus/Laundry and Alexander fans.

It is unusual, in that during the performance, you hear no music at all, but he just plays the drum parts to a lot of his music.

There is an audio commentary track that is of some value. I am at a point where I can sort out what he is doing. But: I must warn potential buyers: this really is not a very good educational dvd. It has no step-by-step instruction, and there are only generic explanations of what he is doing. There are no "slow-mo" parts either.

What he does is lay down some very cool grooves and powerful kick work. He showcases himself well as one of the most underrated, and yet powerfully influential drummers out there. He has a very well defined, and deep kick drum sound. I like his octoban fills as well. He does a good job of incorporating Afro-Cuban and funk flavored bits. It's almost like you'd classify Tim as a "Prog-funkster." And he gives the nod to Neil Peart as well in the commentary track.

So really, it's watching a guy play just his drum parts for about 45 minutes. It's $24.95 at

Bottom line: I like it because it isolates his drumming, but it's not what I had expected. It is also not for beginner, or most intermediate level drummers. Tim Alexander fans will really enjoy it. I sure do. But I would like to see a full-blown instructional dvd in the future. Tim obviously has a wealth of knowledge and a host of chops that could be given better elaboration for a wider audience.

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